Growing with Graduates

The three founding members are GA Chalkley Estates (Pty) Ltd, Agristar Holdings (Pty) Ltd and Lochaber (Pty) Ltd all of whom offer world-class practical experience to the Recruitagri graduates. Recruitagri exposes graduates who already have a diploma or degree in agriculture, to a practical learning environment and experience, resulting in a possible match  to a potential employer. The course runs for 10 months and covers a wide curriculum of practical work that includes Avocado, Macadamia, Kiwi, and other important farming practices. Lectures, assessments and study material will be available, by academics in their field, throughout the course. The course will be accredited through various accreditation facilities.


Jenny More Preschool

Project 1 eSwatini

Originally founded by Mr Rosenberg in 1964, the pre-school served the community for 18 years before it closed. It was re-opened in the 1980’s. It is said that Mr Rosenberg used to visit the Sawmill, and was instantly surrounded by a group of kids who would welcome him enthusiastically (and ask for some sweets). He realized the need and elected to start a pre-school for the youngsters.

The Pre-school initially enrolled between 9-12 learners per year as it developed in the 1990’s – headed by Mrs Khumalo and Mrs Phiri (both who have since passed on). Under the leadership of Miss Pinky Bhembe who headed the pre-school during 1999-2005, it was renamed Thuthukani Pre-school and enrolments raised significantly to 20 learners.

Miss Khetsiwe Simelane took over in 2006, and it was at this point that the school was renamed the Jenny More Pre-school (named after Jenny More, caretaker of the school and wife of the company’s director). It is now home to between 28 and 36 learners.

The school is located in the lower to mid-level socio-economic area of Piggs Peak, eSwatini, and serves the children of a strong culturally-rich population of forestry and saw-milling workers. This unique student population represents eSwatini, and its languages and dialects include English and SiSwati.

It is currently schooling 53 children, ranging from ages 3 to 6 with one classroom and two teachers. The pre-school is successfully managed by Susette Prinsloo.

More Community Trust – NGO

non-profit organisation

More Community Trust is a non-profit organisation whose core objective is to provide meaningful support for our local communities in which we operate.

Projects undertaken are all self-sustainable, as our belief is that by enriching communities to contribute their own effort and skill, projects are kept alive into the future. Each member of the community has a role to play, and in so doing inspires a secured pride, responsibility, accountability and happiness in community members.

Leadership of More Community Trust include representatives from the community, an independent financial adviser and a More family representative. The More family and their associated companies cover the administrative costs of the Trust so that only 7.5% of the donors’ funds are used for this purpose. This therefore ensures that 92.5% of all donations received land up in the hands of the identified and approved beneficiary projects.