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G.A. Chalkley

Folly Farm was bought by Mr. Guy Anthony Chalkley in 1921 which consisted mainly of Eucalyptus plantations.  GA Chalkley Estates was established in 2003 to run the farming operations on Folly Farm. Initially a forestry business, Errol Kromhout started establishing Macadamias in 1998 and grew the farm over time to 80ha by removing Eucalyptus plantation. In 2013 the plan to increase the Macadamias was put into action with Errol and his team working tirelessly to increase the 80ha to 340 ha by 2018. During this period two more managers were appointed to assist in the development. John Clark is overseeing the young trees in maintenance and the newly built dehusking and drying facility. Gerhard Grobler and his staff are ensuring that the mature productive trees perform above the industry standards. Folly Farm is still in the process of increasing its agricultural potential by planning to establish another 80 ha of Avocados by the end of 2020.

Firefly Estate

Firefly Estate was established in 2014.

The farm is owned by the Folly Farm Trust, Lochaber PTY Ltd, Cathy Prettejohn and Peter Warrener.

The farm is situated on the edge of Klipkoppie dam and planted with 65ha of Macadamias. The Macadamia orchards are newly planted and the farm will only come into production in 2020.